"I liked the algebraic way of looking at things.
I’m additionally fascinated when the algebraic method is applied to infinite objects”.

Irwing Kaplansky

The following report

O. Sorokin

K-theory of category of finitely presented modules

May 12, 2017 at 15:05 in Lecture Room 379

We will present a short description of higher K-theory fundamental notions. Higher K-groups Kn will be defined using the Volodin’s acyclic space method for “+”-construction. Moreover, it will be given the brief overview why the stable range notion stabilizes the “infinite” constructions and makes them “finite”. Finally, the explicit description of weak K-space K’(R) will be determined via Gillet-Grayson theorem and double short exact sequences calculus.


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Bezout morphic rings

O. Pihura, 30 Sep, 2016

Bezout morphic rings


Адміністратор, 2 Oct, 2015




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