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Наша акція на сайті Наша акція на сайті

Thanks so much for your support! We understand that Ukraine is not making headlines any more - just because there have been no mass media sensations happening here lately. One could falsely deduce the "peace plan" has succedeed and the ceasefire has become permanent...

Alas -- that's far from being true! Every single day the artillery "from the other side" is shelling towns and villages where Ukrainian soldiers are located. Russian troops have been desperately trying to seize the Donets'k airport for several weeks, continuously deploying tanks and Grads and all the weapon they have. Every days, dozens of our soldiers get wounded...

As one of the officers said, while we Ukrainians are preoccupied with the coming Parliamentary elections, Putin is getting ready for the full-out war.

And what are you personally preparing yourselves for?

If you personally are not ready to protect Ukraine with weapon, please consider protecting it through your donation on the page


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