Menu друзі, просимо вас про допомогу! Друзі, просимо вас про допомогу! Друзі, просимо вас про допомогу!

Друзі, хоча перший тиждень нашої онлайн-акції зі збору коштів на кровоспинні засоби ( видався дуже щедрим, просимо вас про допомогу!

Розішліть усім своїм закордонним друзям, колегам, знайомим наступного листа. Нехай відносне затишшя на фронті не присипляє нашу пильність — так зазвичай буває перед бурею, і ми всі до неї маємо бути готові! Дякуємо!
Dear colleagues,

You are certainly aware of Ukraine facing a very serious challenge these days. Contrary to what the massive Kremlin propaganda (that even has made its way to some well-renowned Western mass media) tries to convey, the battle in the East Ukraine has nothing to do with the ethnic conflict (otherwise thousands of Russian-speaking Ukrainian patriots would not volunteer to the National Guard and Army units). Neither is it a civil war — otherwise how one would explain hundreds of professional and fully armed military servicemen from the Russian Federation in the lead of the terrorist forces? One should be frank to oneself: Russia has started a covert (turning overt these days) full-out war against Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian Army was nearly non-existent in March 2014, however, thousands of our fellow citizens were called up or volunteered to the service to protect the country from the Russian invasion. Very often, they have had no reliable uniform, bullet-proof vests, helmets, military-grade footwear, etc. (such is the reality of the Ukrainian Army today, alas!) Since the state (that is very slowly recovering after the long 4 years of Yanukovych's regime) is unable to provide for those defending it, it falls onto us, the concerned citizens, to fill that gap helping with whatever means we have at our disposal.

That is why a volunteer group "Мехмат йде на війну!" (MechMath Goes to War!) emerged within the Dapartment of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lviv Franko National University. It all started with one of our colleagues called up, then we launched a local fundraiser to collect the sum required to equip the new recruit with the essential gear. The initiative soon spread far beyond the walls of the Department; please see the reports on our activity on the Webpage
          and the Facebook page

Our recent initiative is to provide the soldiers with the medical rescue first-aid kit, the most crucial components of which are hemostatic bandages and the similar medicines. Unfortunately, they are not available in Ukraine and are very expensive in Europe so that we have to order and buy them as far as in the USA! Recently, we have started an online fundraising campaign, see,
to help with acquisition of these medicines. Please consider supporting this our activity by either donating or circulating this information further!

No country on the Earth can feel really safe when Russia so overtly scoffs at all the international laws and treaties! Yours could be next!

Many thanks in advance for your consideration!

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