"I liked the algebraic way of looking at things.
I’m additionally fascinated when the algebraic method is applied to infinite objects”.

Irwing Kaplansky

Archive 2009/10

  • 17th Dec 2010
    Speaker:  S. Bilavska
    Title: Connection of an adequate rings with a clean rings

  • 3th Dec 2010
    Speaker: Volodymyr Shchedryk
    Title: Canonical diagonal form of quotient of matrices

  • 19th Nov 2010
    Speaker: Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title:  The reduction of matrices over Bezout domains of stable range 1 with Dubrovin condition in which maximal nonprincipal ideals are two-sides ideals

  • 5th Nov 2010
    Speaker:Andriy Gatalevych
    Title: Bezout rings with finite Krull dimension

  • 22th Oct 2010
    Speaker: Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title: Reduction of matrices over a commutative Bezout domains

  • 8th Oct 2010
    Speaker:Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title: Open problems of diagonalizability for matrices over rings with finite stable range

  • 24th Sep 2010
    Speaker: Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title: On adequate ring

  • 10th Sep 2010
    Speaker:Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title: Fractionally clean ring

  • 21th May 2010
    Speaker: Bogdan Shavarovsky
    Title: On the invatiants of polynomial matrices with respect to semiscalar equivalence

  • 7th May 2010
    Speaker: Iryna Vasyunyk
    Title: Factorial analogue of the local kvaziduo domain

  • 9th Apr 2010
    Speaker: Volodymyr Prokip
    Title: About the uniqueness solution of the matrix polynomial equation A(t)X(t) - Y(t)B(t)=C(t)

  • 26th Mar 2010
    Speaker: Volodymyr Shchedryk
    Title: Matrices divisors generated by transformable matrices

  • 12th March 2010
    Speaker: Andriy Gatalevych
    Title:  Rings with waists

  • 26th Feb 2010
    Speaker:Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title: Solution of Khurana, Marks, Srivasstava problem for simple elementary division domain of stable range 1

  • 12th Feb 2010
    Speaker: Bogdan Zabavsky
    Title: Diagolization of matrices over Bezout rings over which the transpose of every invertible matrix is invertible

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