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Кандидат фізико-математичних наук,
доцент кафедри алгебри і логіки
механіко-математичного факультету
Львівського національного університету імені Івана Франка

1 Universytetska Str.
79000 Lviv, Ukraine




Kyiv National University, Kandydat fiz.-mat. Nauk (01.01.06 - algebra i teoriya chysel), 1998. PhD Thesis: "Semiperfect rings with the prescribed adjoint groups". Scientific Advisor: O.D.Artemovych

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, postgraduate studies with specialization in algebra and theory of numbers, 1997

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, “Dyplom” with Honors, Mathematics, 1994


March 2003 - present, Associate Professor, Algebra and Logic Department, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

  • Courses lectured: abstract algebra, number theory, linear algebra, analytic geometry, discrete mathematics, applied algebra, econometrics, computer algebra.

March 2000 - Fabruary 2003, Associate Professor, Department of Algebra and Topology of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

  • Courses lectured: Algebra and Analytic Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Algebra, Social Choice Theory, Finite Field and Coding Theory, Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography.
  • Take part in preparation of the text books and manuals.

September 1999 – February 2000, Assistant Professor, Algebra and Topology Chair of Lviv National University.

  • Courses taught: Algebra and Number Theory, Analytic and Differential Geometry.

March 1998 – February 2000, Scientific Researcher, Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Lviv National University.

September 2000 – December 2000, Visiting Lecturer, Lviv State Institute of Finance and Economics.

  • Taught course of Econometrics
  • Took part in preparation of Mathematics and Econometrics courses program for distance learning students

November 1994 – October 1997, Researcher (postgraduate student), Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Lviv National University.


  • 2015 – present, member of editorial board of scientific journal “Visnyk of Lviv University. Series Mechanics and Mathematics”
  • 2014 – present, Contact Person of the International Joint Certificate Program "Selected Topics in Computational Mathematics" offered by Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Julius Maximilian University Würzburg, Germany.
  • 2014 – present, Academic Mobility Coordinator (Erasmus+) of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
  • 2011 – present, member of executive board at “Alumni Association of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv”
  • Organizing Committee, The International Conference dedicated to the 120-th anniversary of Kazimierz Kuratowski Lviv, 27 September - 1 October, Ukraine.
  • Organizing Committee, IX International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine (IACU 2013), July, 2013, Lviv, Ukraine.
  • Organizing Committee, IV International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine (IACU 2003), August, 2003, Lviv, Ukraine.


  • Ring and group theory.
  • Adjoint, additive, multiplicative groups of rings.
  • Application of modern algebra and theory of numbers:
  • algebraic coding theory,
  • algebraic aspects of cryptology,
  • computer algebra.



Journal Papers`

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Conference Papers

  1. Ishchuk Yu., On the adjoint groups of corner rings // 9-th International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine, July 8-13 (2013), Lviv, Ukraine, 2013. – P.78.
  2. Ishchuk Yu., The units and idempotents in a group rings // International Conference dedicated to the 120-th anniversary of Stefan Banach, September 17-21 (2012), Lviv, Ukraine, 2012. – P.254.
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  8. Yuriy Ishchuk, On periodic associated groups of rings with identity // Abstracts of talks of the conference "Groups and group rings", Suprasl, 15-19 June 1999, P.11

Chapters in Books:

  1. V.Andriychuk, Yu.Ishchuk, M.Komarnytsky, Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, - Kyiv, CNTL, 2004. – 254p. (Ukrainian)
  2. V.Andriychuk, Yu.Ishchuk, M.Komarnytsky, Applied Abstract Algebra, - Lviv, Preprint, 2011.  (Ukrainian)




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